We believe that the most exciting and purposeful innovation takes place when diverse combinations of people come together to focus on the most complex social, environmental and economic issues we face.

We can work with you to co-create the missions and enquiries you sense are crucial to tackling the symptoms we see today, from the cost-of living crisis to homelessness and obesity. Our collaborative missions-based platform places experimentation at its heart and promises to truly the push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Social Innovation Studio model on the right explains more about the phases of an enquiry. Each enquiry will look different by they will have at their core some key characteristics:

  • Permeable : convening and navigating interfaces between local, regional and national and across sectors.
  • Action orientated : experimenting and learning by doing, developing leadership and problem-solving capacities by focussing on challenges of importance to our communities.
  • Future focussed : creating the enabling environments that need to be put in place if social innovations are to achieve their ultimate ambition of systemic change.
  • Disruptive : developing ways to infect and spread what we learn to nurture wider wisdom and change.
  • Leadership practice orientated : evolving next practice, going beyond the frameworks of what we know.


Leadership & Artificial Intelligence

This enquiry will focus on exploring the leadership implications of artificial intelligence. Not only will we look at what AI is and what it means for people and their communities, but we will unpack the economic implications of AI, alongside the ethical and moral considerations of using it in public services. The enquiry will be shaped by those who take part, as well as what we hear from leaders who are facing these challenges day-to-day. We will work with leading experts in artificial intelligence to understand more about how the sector might best respond to these emerging technologies and how it is possible to balance a tech-based approach with a human-centred approach to work. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch

Place-based Leadership

This enquiry will focus on exploring the challenges of place-based leadership and what it would take to shift place-based approaches from the margins to the mainstream. The Leadership Centre has, throughout its history, pioneered the notion of place-based leadership in a number of trail-blazing projects, including Total Place, Community Budgets and Local Vision. The value of place-based initiatives is widely documented but the reality is that embedded silos of power, funding and governance are hard to shift and often reject change efforts. We want to bring people together to explore how we can truly embed place-based working, equipping people to lead beyond organisational boundaries in pursuit of thriving, resilient and equitable communities. Learn more about the enquiry and get involved here.


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