The Leadership Centre exists to promote the value of leadership and empower leaders to have the greatest collective, positive impact with the communities they serve. We are about creating big and sustainable movements of change in public services for the benefit of citizens. The sort of seismic shifts in cultures, behaviours and ways of thinking and working that will bring about a different set of results: transforming complex services to meet the challenges of the contemporary world and its citizens where traditional approaches have come unstuck. 


It’s all about ‘place’
and because every place is different, our interventions are entirely bespoke.

Politics matters
because the public sector is an intrinsic part of a political system – local and national.

Leading is about relational skills
because today’s most intransigent problems are multifaceted and need a multi-stakeholder and multi-solution approach.

The citizen is central
because it’s never been harder or more important to engage people, to create better communities and enable more meaningful lives.

a blend and constant iteration between theory and practice.

Our work centres around three themes:


The old solutions aren’t working so we need to develop new ones. We believe that the most exciting and purposeful innovation takes place when truly diverse combinations of people come together in enquiry and our Social Innovation Studio facilitates this exciting work.  We will work in an environment of radical uncertainty and increasing complexity to push the boundaries of what is possible.


We develop and deliver cutting edge projects, programmes as well as offering a unique type of consultancy, which sees us working alongside you in your place to help you develop ways to work more effectively in your system. The way we work may feel different to you, but we know it is effective, having been developed over 18 years working with people in their place.


Deep down we know that, try as we might, we are not touching the surface of many of societies problems. Health equity, employment and skills, climate change and inclusive communities are visions we can but dream of. We are investing in a movement building approach where communities are empowered to equip their people with the agency and power to take action. We believe this can lead to happier, healthier and more resilient communities, staff and other organisations. 


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