New Leadership Centre programme for people working in Special Education

Oct 10, 2018

The Leadership Centre has been commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to run two modules, based on its successful ‘Skills for Systems Leadership’ programme, for people working in special education.  The modules, led by Di Neale and already well-received on their launch earlier this year, are designed to help people lead effectively when they’re working in complex situations, where there are no easy answers.

If you are working in specialist education, and you need to work with a wide range of other people, you’ll know there’s no simple lever you can pull for things to magically happen. This programme is designed to help you lead effectively in these situations: where you need to work in new ways; where you may not be the most senior person in the room; and where you need to work in partnership with very different people.

The module will give participants the tools and techniques for working in complex situations, but will also be grounded in practice, so that you have the opportunity to try out Systems Leadership approaches for yourself and reflect on how you can apply these to real-time issues you are facing.

If you are interested in the Leadership Centre working with you on a similar programme, please get in touch.


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