Leadership for change

Sep 4, 2016

Leadership for Change was an integrated systems leadership programme for leaders in public services which began in 2013. Aiming to help leaders address the challenges involved in designing and delivering services, it sought to involve those working in adult social care, health, children’s services, public health and further afield.

The programme brought together the expertise of The NHS Leadership Academy, the Leadership Centre, The Staff College and Public Health England, and used systems leadership to help people working in complex situations, and needing to work in partnership across sector boundaries, to find new ways of leading effectively.

The programme was open to locality teams of a minimum of 4 people from across a range of stakeholders to reflect the systems thinking at the heart of the programme. It used a variety of interactions to help leaders on their journey towards integrated health and care, these included some of the following:

• Multiple two day residential events
• One day extended leadership workshops
• Project based learning within the teams locality
• A 360 degree feedback survey based on the attributes required to be an effective Systems Leader

Participants also had the opportunity to access a pool of expert Change Coaches. Multiple cohorts took part in the programme, which received a universally positive reception from participants:

“The experience has been an amazing opportunity. I feel privileged to be amongst the cohort and I have learnt huge amounts. Been on a personal journey which will help me immensely over the next 12 months and for the rest of my career.” – Cohort 2 Participant

“The programme has helped our local system find clarity and work through our integration agenda.” – Cohort 3 Participant

“Expected a good experience and opportunity for networking, my expectations were exceeded as the caliber of other attendees, the honesty and the sharing has been brilliant.- Cohort 1 Participant


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