Leadership Centre + Let’s Go Southall : An exciting collaboration creating movement

Dec 19, 2019

The Leadership Centre is delighted to be working with the Let’s Go Southall team and local residents to develop a community-led approach to reducing physical inactivity.

Let’s Go Southall, part of Sport England’s Local Delivery Pilot programme to research and develop innovative solutions that break down barriers to physical activity, aims to deliver whole system change through collaboration with a wide range of partners and community members to increase physical activity levels in Southall.

By focusing on individuals who currently do less than 30 minutes of activity a week, the aim is to understand the many factors and underlying causes that influence inactivity levels and engage individuals, families and community groups in developing and implementing the change they want to see in their community.

The Leadership Centre is supporting the development of new collaborative ways of working, building connections and relationships across the system for people to listen to residents and work collaboratively. We are enabling the pilot community to develop and implement their own solutions to barriers to physical activity by initiating a movement for lasting behaviour change and building capacity within the community to sustain this momentum.

On 12th of November more than ninety stakeholders gathered in Southall to network, build momentum and stimulate growth of opportunities to increase physical activity for local residents. The event was attended by local residents, Ealing Council, Sport England, the NHS, Southall Community Alliance, charities, voluntary groups, the emergency services and a variety of other local service providers who want to work together.

The enthusiasm from all stakeholders was clear when the active community campaign super-organisers introduced themselves, and drawing on their own personal stories, talked about their motivations and aspirations for increasing levels of physical activity amongst their fellow residents in Southall. They led by example, and ‘walked the walk’, or ‘danced the dance’ by encouraging the whole room to take part in some boxing and Bhangra dancing, which got everyone on their feet !

If you are curious about this and are interested in working with us please do get in touch with John.



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