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Guidance notes:

Your ‘System Leadership Challenge’ is the piece of real work that you would take forward during the programme – a chance to apply the ideas and discussions covered in the programme to a live issue you are grappling with.  We have found that applying the following criteria helps in framing the type of issue – the issue should:

  • be complex, ambiguous and contested (i.e. there is no clear, commonly held view of the definition of the problem, let alone the solution)
  • not be resolvable by using positional authority alone (i.e. there are significant political and stakeholder aspects)
  • be an area where collaborative leadership is required
  • be something that goes beyond just ‘doing the day job well’.

In the language of Future Vision, a ‘development edge’ denotes the areas of your own development that you most want to reflect on (and possibly get help or feedback on) as part of your progress as a leader.  They might be some of the things which have prompted you to decide to engage on Future Vision at this point in your career!  An ‘edge’ is often what we are hitting when we feel anxious or unsure about how to proceed in a certain situation, those times when we say “oh, I did that again, I wish I hadn’t” or when we get the same feedback from others repeatedly, despite trying to change.  Development edges can show up in any aspect of our leadership – these aspects might be:

  • personal – how you are operating, your sense of yourself as a leader, your own resilience etc
  • interpersonal  – how you relate to others, any relationships you struggle with etc
  • social – how you operate in, and with, groups, wider social systems, the public
  • conceptual – any cognitive areas you would like to develop eg analytical skills, systemic thinking, creativity etc.


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