Di Neale


I first started pondering the nature of leadership very early in my career as a housing estate manager in the 1980s. I felt a sense that something was not quite right about the idea that in a world of really difficult challenges (poverty, homelessness, multi-generational unemployment), I should be able to develop enough knowledge and expertise to solve those problems. If I was good enough they would get solved. Conversely, if they weren’t solved then maybe it was because I wasn’t up to it!. Turns out, you can’t ‘manage’  complexity. This was a slow burn, but a tiny flame was lit. How people showed up, what they chose to put their energy into, how they related to those around them, and why the work really mattered to them seemed to make more difference than the shiniest policies and the slickest processes. Leadership. Not only as a role, but as a choice to act, to do.

My passion is to support people who want to make a difference to develop practices for offering leadership to complex challenges and opportunities. And through developing leadership practices, we can grow in confidence and extend the reach of our endeavours, finding ways forward on the trickiest of societies challenges – large and small, global and local.


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