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Commercialisation: Options in Local Government Finance

This publication gathers some options for systems thinking, examining a range of future scenarios for local government – starting with the most likely, if the status quo continues, of financial collapse – and takes in various policy options. As well as repeating various instances of best practice – including in areas where the Leadership Centre has had direct experience – it also looks at different functions that local authorities could perform, particularly in the area of revenue generation. A large number of major developments affect local government: austerity, public sector reform, devolution. Yet local government need not have these things happen to it; as is argued here, there is scope for local authorities taking the initiative to deliver services differently, and more affordably.

The Revolution will be improvised: Part II

Following the Revolution will be Improvised, which drew together some of the early insights and lessons learned from Local Vision, the second report in this series takes this learning further. Drawing on insights and reflections from nearly forty Local Vision places, along with Leadership for Change teams, the report shows what actually happened when they applied Systems Leadership approaches.

Demand Management and Behaviour Change

Managing demand is critical to the sustainability of public services. Drawing on previous work by Collaborate and the Leadership Centre, this paper looks at looks at some of the approaches to demand management in public services currently being practiced, their underpinning principles, and looks at where demand management could be headed next.

The Art of Change Making

A collection of theories, approaches, tools and techniques for understanding the complex interactions between people and organisations and how to intervene to create meaningful change. These are used by current practitioners in developing systems leadership.

The Difference that makes the Difference

‘The Difference that makes the Difference’ focuses on the outcomes and effects of Local Vision projects in different localities, considering how local context enables or constrains the potential for sustainable change. The analysis in the evaluation is based on case studies, interviews and secondary data.

The Revolution will be Improvised

Transforming services is hard. Organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors are coming together to find new solutions to seemingly intractable problems by radically transforming their approach to services in their area. But whether they are tackling alcohol abuse or supporting people with dementia, their success is being determined by people and culture. The Revolution will be Improvised draws on insights from 25 multi-agency programmes around the country to discuss how people break or make collaboration and service transformation, and what we can learn from their experiences.

Leadership Centre Publications Archive

The Leadership Centre has an extensive history of leading thinking to make a real change for society. This archive contains publications covering our historic programmes as well as publications aimed at developing approaches to create real change for citizens.

You can access our historical publication by visiting the archive here.


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