An Introduction to Systems Leadership

This online masterclass will help you to work more effectively in these conditions – in particular where you’re facing complex situations or wrestling with long-standing issues and stubborn inequalities.


We’re very aware that there are significant pressures facing people across public services and the VCSE, as you look to navigate a changing landscape in the face of strong financial headwinds. Systems Leadership is proven to be effective in helping individuals and teams when they are working on issues where there isn’t an easy or obvious solution and where you are keen to make progress, rather than anticipating an overnight transformation.

Key Information

Dates: TBC

Duration:  TBC

Format: Online workshop

Fee: TBC

Faculty: Debbie Sorkin, National Director of Systems Leadership

Who is the Masterclass for?

Systems Leadership is designed to help you lead when you’re not actually in charge, or when you don’t have positional power, levers to pull, or a large budget to wield. This workshop is therefore suitable for anyone who would like to be introduced to Systems Leadership as a way of helping to effect change in the system they work within. You can be operating at any level in an organisation or a system. 

    Benefits for you

    The masterclass will:


    • Introduce you to Systems Leadership and help you to identify its application in your system
    • Help you to understand how best to influence others – especially when working in hierarchies or political environments
    • Help you to bring traditional silos together around an issue of importance to your place
    • Support you to develop collaborative, sustainable networks in your place

    Focus and Structure

    We’ll cover what Systems Leadership is and how it works; what you can do; what to watch out for; and approaches that we know work in these situations. The aim is to help you make sense of what you’re experiencing; to give you practical tools and techniques you can use straight away; and to provide a space for you to apply the ideas to real-time issues you’re facing.

    This will be a practical and interactive session, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. 


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