Coronavirus – Covid-19

Jan 11, 2021

We are living in unprecedented times. Rapid changes are challenging public services, businesses, societies and nations across the UK and the world. Our team at the Leadership Centre is standing alongside public service leaders helping to navigate these extraordinary events. 

Making a difference: 

We are supporting public service leaders, their organisations and communities with their response to the ongoing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). We have developed bespoke interventions together with adapting existing ways of working.  

Working alongside our local and national colleagues in councils, housing bodies, the NHS and government departments and arms-length bodies we are playing an active support role. From innovating with public health test, trace and isolate teams, to creating collaborative spaces for council and health leaders; and from supporting community and statutory place teams, to developing Integrated Care Systems around the country so that health and care services can come together more effectively, we are here to help. 

We are supporting local and national leaders & public service organisations to: 

  • lead their crisis response
  • navigate uncertainty
  • explore and innovate around complex interconnected social challenges
  • nurture the resilience and wellbeing of teams & communities
  • surface learning and insights to inform recovery strategies and shape the future. 

Continuity of service: 

We are strictly following the required public health measures. The safety of our team and public service colleagues remains of paramount importance to us. To ensure continuity of excellent delivery: 

  • 100% of our team are able to work from home and still effectively support you.
  • We have redesigned our development methods and processes to take advantage of remote working, rather than just shifting content online.
  • We are extensively using online communication and collaboration tools to make interactions & development generative, captivating, informative, applicable, seamless & dare we say it, fun. 

Get in touch: 

We believe this is a moment to be generous, innovative and collaborative to deliver the support our leaders and communities need. If you would like to discuss how we might help you, please contact


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