Launching two new publications – ‘Digital Disruption’ and ‘Commercialisation’

Jul 13, 2016

To coincide with the Leadership Centre’s Summer Event 2016, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our two latest publications, ‘Digital Disruption in the Public Sector’ and ‘Commercialisation: Options in Local Government Finance’.

Written by Dr Seth Thévoz from the Leadership Centre, they draw on contributions from Leaders and Chief Executives of Local Authorities, and aim to provide insight into some of the latest issues faced by our public services, these publications offer information on the challenges we face, how we may adopt certain approaches in addressing these challenges and case studies looking at where these approaches have been successfully adopted locally.

Focusing on the latest technology and how this can help public service delivery, ‘Digital Disruption in the Public Sector’ looks at the huge opportunities available to pioneering the delivery of our public services locally, as well as the inherent challenges to recruiting and developing the necessary skills and talents to associated with these approaches.

‘Commercialisation: Options in Local Government Finance’ then looks at a range of possible scenarios facing local government and argues that local authorities have multiple options open when it comes to delivering and affording services in the future.

You can download both of these publications above. If you’d like to order hard copies of the publication please get in touch.


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