Launching our 21st Century Councillor Manifesto for a modern local politics

Jan 17, 2010

We’re pleased to launch our latest manifesto focused on the 10 key challenges defining the new direction for local government.


Now more than ever, rebuilding confidence in politics requires raising the game of politics locally. The Leadership Centre’s manifesto for a modern local politics is doing just that. We are advocating for a change in the way we do politics and believe we are at our best when we promote and strengthen local governance.

So, is your politics fit for the 21st Century? We believe that a 21st Century Councillor is one who is a supported, confident, talented and professional community leader. One who understands but can also transform their place. One who can think strategically, as well as be informed and inspired by their local roots. In short, being a 21st Century Councillor is a role that many more people should understand and aspire to fulfilling for at least a part of their lives.

Read the manifesto in full here.


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