Swimming together or sinking alone: Health, care and the art of systems leadership

by Leadership Centre | 2017

Written by journalist and policy expert Richard Vize. STPs are the moment when health and care leaders have begun to think of themselves as working in patient-focussed systems rather than isolated institutions. The demands of patients and the financial requirements of government will keep pushing leaders down this road. This Institute of Healthcare Management report […]

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Systems Leadership for Beginners: what it is, how it works, and why it helps

by Leadership Centre | 27th May 2016

Written by Debbie Sorkin, National Director of Systems Leadership, The Leadership Centre for Systems Leadership is about how you lead across boundaries – departmental, organisational or sector. It’s how you lead when you’re not in charge, and you need to influence others rather than pull a management lever.  It describes the way you need […]

Fit for the Future – public health people. A review of the public health workforce

by Leadership Centre | 2016

Public Health England Workforce Review, May 2016 This thematic review was commissioned in PHE’s Remit letter from Department of Health for 2015-16 and contributes to the renewal of the Department of Health’s national public health workforce strategy, through a series of recommendations to achieve a workforce that can meet future public health challenges.  Systems Leadership […]

Complexity, General practice, General practitioners, Health care, Public services, Systems theory
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The Difference that Makes the Difference – Final Evaluation Report

by Leadership Centre | 2015

This report outlines findings from phase 2 of the evaluation of Systems Leadership – Local Vision, conducted by Bristol Leadership Centre on behalf of the Systems Leadership Steering Group. The report focusses on the outcomes and effects of the Local Vision projects in different localities and consider how local context enables or constrains the potential […]

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Integration: it’s really happening, and in a place near you

by Leadership Centre | 8th October 2015

It’s what we all want, isn’t it? Fewer presentations at A&E, more people getting care and support in their own homes, a drop in alcohol-related incidents and a fall in the number of children going into care as a result. These types of things are actually happening in places around the country, and at a […]