Systems Leadership – Local Vision interim evaluation

by Leadership Centre | 2015

The University of the West of England was commission to independently evaluate the Systems Leadership – Local Vision programme. The evaluation’s primary purpose is to support learning and development of the Local Vision approach, illuminating impact and areas for development/improvement. “Systems Leadership – Local Vision was born out of the collective vision of the Leadership Centre […]

Collective leadership, Systems theory, Values base, Wicked issues
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The new leadership approaches driving transformation

by Leadership Centre | 31st July 2015

Service transformation requires significant changes to organisational and professional cultures. Systems Leadership is a practical, grounded approach to integrated working and long-term behaviour and culture change. It describes the way people need to behave when they face large, complex and seemingly intractable problems; when there are multiple uncertainties, no one person or organisation can find […]

Systems thinking for community groups

by Leadership Centre | 2015

Research undertaken as part of the author’s Clore Social Leadership Fellowship

Cultural change, Systems theory, Values base
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Anyone can be a systems leader

by Leadership Centre | 22nd March 2015

Systems leadership isn’t just for chief executives and senior managers everyone has an equal role to play in achieving change

Systems leadership at a glance

by Leadership Centre | 21st March 2015

How is systems leadership done, what kinds of qualities do systems leaders need, and which contexts are most suitable for systems approaches?