The Art of Change Making

by Leadership Centre | 2016

For ten years, the Leadership Centre has sought to further our knowledge of what really works in response to the challenges of social issues in places around England. Through working with political, community and organisational leaders, the focus has evolved from local leadership projects through ‘Total Place’ to today’s ‘system leadership’ and ‘local vision’ work. […]

Adaptive leadership, Collective leadership, Complexity, Coproduction, Cultural change, Distributed leadership, Heroic leaders, Information management, Leadership development, Outcomes focus, Service integration, Systems theory
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The Revolution will be Improvised : part II

by Leadership Centre | 7th December 2015

The past five years have seen seismic changes in the commissioning and delivery of public services. This has meant the NHS, local government, public health, social care, welfare, housing and other sectors coming together to work in new ways. But transforming services is hard. It involves significant changes to organisational and professional cultures and behaviours, which are often the most essential to […]

The Difference that Makes the Difference – Final Evaluation Report

by Leadership Centre | 2015

This report outlines findings from phase 2 of the evaluation of Systems Leadership – Local Vision, conducted by Bristol Leadership Centre on behalf of the Systems Leadership Steering Group. The report focusses on the outcomes and effects of the Local Vision projects in different localities and consider how local context enables or constrains the potential […]

Adaptive leadership, Clumsy solutions, Collective leadership, Complexity, Coproduction, Cultural change, Distributed leadership, Public services, whole-system, Wicked issues
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How new approaches to leadership are driving service integration

by Leadership Centre | 29th March 2015

Health and social care services need to integrate for the benefit of service users. How can they do this? Systems leadership is one approach gaining ground

Anyone can be a systems leader

by Leadership Centre | 22nd March 2015

Systems leadership isn’t just for chief executives and senior managers everyone has an equal role to play in achieving change