Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Irresistible force meets immovable object

by Leadership Centre | 30th January 2017

Writing for Care Management Matters, Debbie Sorkin of the Leadership Centre sets out why social care must be involved in STPs. Often, when I’m speaking at social care events, I ask people in the audience – commonly owners, managers and staff of residential care and homecare providers – if they’ve come across Sustainability and Transformation […]

Enhancing care in care homes – How social care providers are taking the lead in New Models of Care

by Leadership Centre | 11th April 2016

Debbie Sorkin explores how social care is playing an important part in developing New Models of Care and how it’s social care leadership that’s making the difference. The NHS in England recently set out planning guidance for local places, asking health economies around the country to prepare what it calls ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ for […]

People helping people

by Leadership Centre | 2016

Health and Social Care Integration Pioneers Year 2 Annual Report, January 2016 This report explicitly identifies systems leadership, based on relationships and trust, as crucial in the development of integrated and joined-up working.

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Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities programme

by Leadership Centre | 2015

National (England) development programme exploring how senior leaders can nurture local social capital to build stronger communities and improve health and wellbeing, incorporating a systems leadership approach. A joint venture between healthcare, social care, police and local government agencies. Aimed at leaders who want to think radically about the challenges and opportunities of a community-based approach.

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Developing a local, sustainable and skilled pool of health and care workers

South East | Waverley (Surrey)

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Systems Leadership - Local Vision