Systems leadership is about how you lead across boundaries – between organisations, places or sectors. Use this hub to learn about systems leadership.

Who are we?

The aim of the Systems Leadership Alliance is to collaborate and innovate, using Systems Leadership approaches, in order to support the transformation and integration of public services. It will do so by providing practical and expert support to people and places, to create the space and conditions to allow the new leadership behaviours needed for new ways of working, to be developed and sustained. The Alliance will:

  • Support greater collaboration in places through its Local Vision and allied programmes.
  • Support the strengthening of Systems Leadership behaviours in places through its Local Vision and allied programmes, so that new ways of working become embedded for the longer term.
  • Contribute to the knowledge and evidence base for the effectiveness of Systems Leadership in enabling progress around service transformation, through research, evaluation and practice.
  • Working with partners, promote the benefits of collaborative leadership and disseminate learning across the health and local government sectors.
  • Identify and make links beyond traditional health and social care partners into other sectors involved with questions of integration and /or population health and wellbeing.

The Systems Leadership Alliance’s members are:

  • Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
  • Association of Directors of Public Health
  • Department of Health
  • King’s Fund
  • Leadership Centre
  • Local Government Association
  • Monitor
  • NHS Confederation
  • NHS England
  • NHS Improving Quality
  • NHS Leadership Academy
  • NHS Providers
  • Public Health England
  • Skills for Care / National Skills Academy for Social Care
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • Think Local Act Personal
  • Virtual Staff College