Systems leadership is about how you lead across boundaries – between organisations, places or sectors. Use this hub to learn about systems leadership.

How can this hub help you?

The Systems Leadership hub is part of a national systems leadership programme in England backed by, amongst others, the NHS, the Department Health, the Local Government Association, Public Health England, the Leadership Centre and the Social Care Institute for Excellence. The programme supports research, leadership development and place-based projects around England that are designed to bring health and care services together, or to improve general health and wellbeing in a particular place. The national systems leadership programme has developed this hub to bring together learning from research and practice, and to link this with broader insights into systems leadership around the world. The hub is designed for everyone to use:

  • If systems leadership is new to you, you might want to start out with the Beginner’s guide 
  • If you want to know about systems leadership projects – where they are and what they’re doing – look at the Projects Directory
  • For research and guidance go to Resources
  • For commentary and opinion, go to Insights; and add your comments too. 
  • Use the site-wide Search box to find people or places of interest.
  • Browse the Keywords to find information on key topics and themes in systems leadership.

The Hub is a pilot, so please, let us know what you think.