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Total Place Summit Day 2

Read about Day 1 of the Summit here.

About the day

Manchester City Region stand courtesy of Nuala O'Rourke

After an invigorating first day at the Total Place Summit, participants were keen to get stuck in on Day 2. They started with coffee and a look round the ‘marketplace’ of stands from places while being addressed by a variety of speakers at the speaker’s corner stand. Once everyone was sufficiently warmed up, they moved back into the main room to hear Lord Bichard being interviewed by our excellent compere, Karen Ellis. You can see excerpts from the interview in the film from the day.

Later in the day, the participants worked together to work out a way forward for the work that was begun under Total Place. Using the questions generated in discusssions on the first day, they mapped out a long list of ‘experiments’ that could be put in place to build on the work of of pilots and parallel places.

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Nearly 100 suggestions were generated, and these are currently being pulled together so that they can be taken forward.

Food for thought from Worcestershire

Roger Britton considers accountability. Courtesy of Nuala O'Rourke

We were fortunate to be joined throughout the Summit by a group of young people from Worcestershire. They shared their stories of being Not in Education, Employment or Training with the group. At the closing session, they posed some challenging questions, which deserve a wider audience:

This is a great list of questions and would be a useful reference point for anyone who’s working in public services. If you can’t come up with an answer to one of these questions, maybe it would be useful to take some time and reflect on your own approach to young people – or the elderly, or single mothers, or immigrants, or even your co-workers!

We were really pleased that the group could come and take part in the event. They’ve been a very busy group – check back soon for more details of what they’ve been up to and what you can expect to hear from them next.

What next for Total Place?

This is a question we’re asked, ooh, roughly 37 times a day here at Total Place HQ. Thankfully, we had the combined force of the best and brightest at the Summit working on experiments that could be run locally or between areas and Whitehall to test a change idea across a number of themes. We’ve shared a selection of ideas below, and you can download the full list as a Word document.

Working with communities

Roles and groupings

Funding flows

Delivering complex outcomes

The day in pictures

Graphic record of Summit

Graphic record of Summit

Throughout both days of the event, we had a graphic artist working with us to record the conversations and themes of the two days and create a piece of artwork that would reflect this and prompt new observations from the group. In the end, there was so much conversation that we ended up with two enormous murals. On the left you can see Nick explaining the work. You can also see higher resolution images for The Adventure of Total Place and What Next taken by Nuala O’Rourke. Our thanks to Nick Payne for his excellent work.

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