Total Place

Total Place: Better for less

**Please note that as of November 2010 this website is no longer being updated. The Community of Practice has the most up-to-date news of Total Place, and the Community Budgets website has information about this new initiative.**

Total Place is a new initiative that looks at how a ‘whole area’ approach to public services can lead to better services at less cost. It seeks to identify and avoid overlap and duplication between organisations – delivering a step change in both service improvement and efficiency at the local level, as well as across Whitehall.

There are 13 pilot areas participating in the scheme, each area ensuring a diverse mix of economic, geographical and demographic profiles. These pilots have a real opportunity to rip up the text book and redesign the way public services are planned and delivered.

The impact of the economic downturn means all of the public sector needs to find radical new solutions to not only deliver better value for money, but also better local services more tailored to local needs.

Total Place is the next big step to redesign how we do things and by doing so, improve the quality of life for all communities across England.

Sir Michael Bichard

Lord Bichard

Total Place is not just another Whitehall initiative. It is about giving local providers the incentive to work together in new ways for the benefit of their clients and citizens – and the opportunity to tell Government how it could behave differently to make this kind of collaborative action more likely. As we enter a period when resources will inevitably be constrained, Total Place is also a chance for local agencies to ‘get ahead’ by examining how they can deliver better services at less cost. So the hope is that Total Place will provide good experience to share about service improvement, suggestions about cost savings and proposals for changes in Central Government. There is no time to lose!

Lord Bichard, Executive Director of the Institute for Government and Chair of the high-level officials’ group

Councillor David Parsons

Cllr David Parsons

Total Place presents significant opportunities for local government to set the direction for the next phase of public sector reform. Success will depend on strong leadership, innovation and strong partnerships based on an expert understanding of the needs of residents, customers and citizens.

Cllr David Parsons, Chair of the Local Government Association Improvement Board

Total Place is the next big step to redesign how we do things and by doing so, improve the quality of life for all communities across England.


Total Place final report: Total Place: A whole area approach to public services sets out a new direction for local public services and significant new freedoms from central control. It is based on extensive work over the last year by 63 local authorities, 34 primary care trusts, 13 police authorities and other partners, with more than 70 other local areas engaged in similar work. Together the pilots have a population of more than 11 million people. The pilots have mapped more than £82 billion of public spending in their areas. Visit the site for more information and to download the final report. Looking for our Practitioner’s Guide to Total Place? Download it here.