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Getting more with less online conference

Getting more with less online conference

Date: 19-23 July 2010
Time: 09.00-17.00
Venue: Dedicated Community of Practice (registration required)
Contact: Neil Rimmer,

Event Description

The public sector is facing some of the biggest financial challenges we’ve seen in a generation. And yet public expectations of local services and the needs of local people are rising. How can local government and its partners face these challenges? What’s the best way to save money without suffering serious cutbacks? canadian pharmacy discount Join us in an online conference which covers strategic commissioning, working with the public sector, better procurement and radical cheap real viagra england innovation for efficiency.

Live sessions will cover:

  • Monday – Total Place
  • Tuesday – Organisational change
  • Wednesday – Smarter procurement
  • Thursday – Delivering the big society
  • Friday – Innovations for cuts without cutting services

Who should attend

Anyone in the public sector who would like to learn from colleagues about saving money and maintaining or improving service levels.inflatable water park


A wide range of speakers from across the public sector will be talking about efficiency, transformation and innovation to maintain and even improve service levels through reductions in public sector budgets.

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