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As wicked issues and culture change increasingly dominate the headlines, the importance of leadership is becoming ever more evident. Leaders, both political and managerial, are being challenged to deal with recalcitrant problems in new ways: framing enquiries rather than presenting expert solutions.

Total Place operates within a context where the relationship between local and central government is contested and evolving. The engagement of elected members in the process, always important to the success of any work involving local government, will become even more critical in the run-up to a general election and the growing visibility of polticians and politics in a place.

The leadership section of this website aims to provide a platform for leaders involved in all aspects of Total Place to share their thoughts and experiences of the work.

Total Place updates: September

An archive of Local Government Leadership’s email updates for Total Place and related working for September 2010.

Total Place update: August

An archive of Local Government Leadership’s Total Place updates for August 2010.

Total Place in the news: August

Links to what people are saying about Total Place in August 2010.

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The Institute for Government and National School of Government are partners in an international project to develop a “new synthesis” of public administration.

Total Place in the news: July

Links to what people have been saying about Total Place in July 2010

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