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The Institute for Government and National School of Government are partners in an international project to develop a “new synthesis” of public administration. The New Synthesis project has its origins in series of articles and presentations given by the Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon (President Emeritus of the Canada School of Public Service and former Secretary to the Cabinet) over the course of 2007-2009 and aims to advance the study and practice of public administration.

A central aspect of the thinking behind the project so far has been the need for government to rebalance its approach to governing, from using the authority of the state to using collective power to achieve public policy and civic results. Connected to this is the need to build resilience within communities and develop the capacity to respond quickly to emerging problems and exploit emerging solutions.

Tim Hughes, from the Institute for Government and National School of Government is looking for stories of local projects achieving better for less to help demonstrate the benefits of these approaches. He says:

“We’re contributing a case study of citizen, family and place focused initiatives – which of course includes Total Place – as we think these are some really exciting and potentially transformational ways of tackling complex social problems buying viagra that fit well with the thinking behind the New Synthesis.”

The case buy viagra free shipping study will be presented by Lord Bichard to an international audience in November, so this is a great chance to spread your stories of success far and wide.

You can contact Tim through the Total Place community of practice (sign in required) or by emailing him directly at

Visit the New Synthesis project website.

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