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Posted on August 18th, 2009


Organisations involved

The partners immediately involved in the initial development of themes are:

A number of other groups are involved in a broader initiative, pursuing the issues across the whole of civil society. This group includes the third sector, business community and the church.


In addition to these operational themes the Worcestershire Partnership sees the development of leadership and partnership across the sectors as a pre-requisite to genuinely transformational change and is pursuing this with key leaders from across the county.

Aspiration for the work

The pilot will focus efforts on a range of themes where there is greatest need in the area, such as tackling obesity, reoffending and road safety; as well early intervention for ‘high contact’ families receiving multiple support such as for times of family breakdown or unemployment. The total place will also see if there is potential to make savings through better management of capital assets and sharing back-office services.

What Worcestershire is currently doing?

The programme lead and other key leads have been appointed and:


Programme lead: John Tizard, Director, Centre for Public Service Partnerships

telephone: 07767 328159

Service Transformation Lead: Diane Tilley, Director of PEP

telephone: 01905 766134

Resource analysis lead: Mike Weaver, Director of Financial Services

telephone: 01905 766500

Programme & Knowledge Manager and media contact: Roger Britton, OD Manager

telephone: 07850 917993

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