Total Place

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Posted on August 18th, 2009


Organisations involved


There are four themes being pursued by Lewisham Council and our partners, these are:


The effective delivery of positive social results locally requires us to weave national policies and local priorities; we need to situate our current and future policies and delivery in the particular context of Lewisham as a place – and as part of the wider place of London. In Lewisham there is a long history of effective and mature partnership arrangements across public agencies and more widely across sectors. Total Place offers us all the opportunity to identify the characteristics of effective service delivery and the efficient use of  funds in the delivery of services locally and to examine and re-energise our efforts to deliver efficient and effective joined-up services in support of improving the life-chances and quality of life for our citizens.

What Lewisham are currently doing

Lewisham and our partners have laid all the necessary foundations to ensure success in undertaking Total Place. The scope of our four project strands will impact across the Borough and our statutory, voluntary and community sectors so the programme will require high levels of organisation, cooperation and collaboration from all parties involved.

We have made an excellent start – the overall programme objectives and management structure have been outlined and agreed and project plans outlining the focus, scope and activities of the four workstreams are in place. The ‘counting’ process is underway (led by our Head of Business Management and Service Support) with additional data being provided by partner organisations.

The four project teams have developed detailed plans utilising a range of research methods and techniques and have begun to undertake their research with vigour. Lewisham’s approach to this pilot aims to maximise the unique opportunity Total Place offers us. We are ambitious in our plans but know that the four project teams can produce findings and recommendations which will assist us in the move towards genuinely collaborative working whilst identifying ways to improve outcomes, efficiency and savings.


Gavin Jones, for media enquiries
Public Relations Manager
telephone: 020 8314 6082

Joel Hartfield,
Principal Policy Officer, London Borough of Lewisham

telephone: 020 8314 9941

Kevin Sheehan, Programme lead
Head of Strategy, London Borough of Lewisham

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