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Posted on March 1st, 2010


Organisations involved


Kent has identified three projects which will delve deeper into specific local issues in order to identify new ways of tackling them, with the emphasis on extending joined-up solutions and collectively tackling the obstacles to:

Gateway multi-channel

This strategy was based on the exploration and modernisation of the ‘face to face’ customer service channel, and has more recently extended to include service improvements for telephone and web channel access spanning the wider public sector and the full range of public services. It builds on previous operational development and investment made by Kent County Council with district and borough council partners.

Single asset management strategy

This will test the scope for the reduction of duplication of back-office transactional activity and the simplification and convergence of business processes generating a reduced requirement for property and other physical assets. (Exact parameters still to be specified, but suggestions include local government, health, police, fire, government departments and agencies, churches/faiths and voluntary sector.)

Margate Task Force

Despite the efforts and successes of the regeneration work undertaken in Margate, deprivation levels have worsened in both Cliftonville West and Margate Central wards over the last three years. A number of key local partners have recently come together with a commitment to radically different approaches to joint work in these two most deprived wards. Co-located resources will be pooled in a single management ‘task force’. Key principles include an ‘invest to save’ approach focused on shared intelligence, prevention, better use of resources and customised services.


The Total Place Initiative will provide added impetus to an already well defined set of projects, and will enhance the ability to deliver on the shared aspirations for modern, customer-centric public services in Kent.

The Kent pilot provides a further opportunity for public sector partners to consider ways in which to revolutionise customer experience, generate further efficiency and enhance service delivery through collaborative approaches.

What is Kent currently doing?

The Kent pilot has been endorsed by the Kent Public Service Board and is now being communicated more widely across partnership organisations.

In addition, for the specific work:

Kent’s final report is now available from the Government Office South East website.


Tanya Oliver, Kent County Council


Paul Kennedy, Kent County Council


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