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Posted on August 18th, 2009


The Lives we Lead, The Leaders we Need

The Leadership Centre is working with Improvement East and local government in Suffolk to help realise the strategic goals set out for the Suffolk Strategic Partnership, namely its aspirations for Suffolk’s economy, learning and skills, environment, and communities.


By supporting the public sector in Suffolk as it works towards an improved leadership capacity, this challenging and exciting piece of work sets out to:
>Develop different and stronger relationships across public, private and third sector partners to accelerate improvement
>Improve the social capital in Suffolk by making more connections across and between different networks and communities
>Improve community engagement and empowerment
>Identify innovations in service delivery that can be shared within and across sectors
>Improve the capacity to lead in new ways and respond effectively to current and future challenges
>Build a sense of aspiration and optimism for the future in Suffolk

To deliver these outcomes, The Lives we Lead, the Leaders we Need is made up of four strands:

Underpinning the whole programme are the Leadership Centre’s core beliefs about how to do this kind of work. It’s an iterative approach that builds in continual feedback and learning. It’s learning by doing, and by ‘doing’ with, in and for the community. It’s innovative, but will create new relationships, networks and ways of working that are sustainable.

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