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Posted on August 18th, 2009

Norfolk LEAPP

Lead, Engage, Aspire, Perform in Partnership

In the summer of 2008, plans were begun to undertake a piece of work to make a different sort of difference in Norfolk.  By October 2008 the local government community, police, health and the national park authority were round the table, each prepared to commit time, energy and resources to change the way Norfolk worked. Improvement East, the regional improvement and efficiency partnership, match-funded the combined resources of local partners and the Leadership Centre for Local Government led as design and facilitation partner. The overarching aim was to bring about a shift in the way that the public sector organisations in Norfolk worked together and with their communities to ensure improved outcomes for local people. The group set out to develop a community of leadership practice to do this formed of around 200 senior managerial leaders. It was named LEAPP: Lead, Engage, Aspire, Perform in Partnership.

Principles of LEAPP

A key principle of LEAPP, was that the programme was about both learning and doing: doing work that mattered to the area and would lead to some tangible outcomes while at the same buy female viagra time developing shared understanding, stronger relationships, new approaches and how much is viagra common language. We structured our work around five challenge themes which emerged from discussions about key issues facing the county and its public services.

The challenges started in late January 2009 on the themes of the Economy: Recession and Growth; Better Lives for All; Children and Young People; Social Capital; and Transitions. Within each challenge were phases of learning, working together, fieldwork and sense-making. The aim was to generate new insights which could then translate into different approaches.

At the Big LEAPP event in May 2009, all five cohorts came back together with the chief executives, facilitators and Leadership Centre team to share their work, learning and insights. At the closing world café everyone involved in the programme worked on the key question of ‘what next?’ This produced the blueprint for the next phase of the journey which is now well underway.

Video: “What we did in Norfolk”

Hear from those involved in the Norfolk LEAPP project about what the work involved, why they did it, and what the next steps are.

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