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Posted on August 18th, 2009

Calling and Counting Cumbria

The idea of Calling Cumbria emerged from a ‘deep dive’ on the leadership of places run by the Leadership Centre for Local Government  in February 2007. A group of leaders in Cumbria wanted to move on from the frustration and sometimes rancour generated by possible local government reorganisation.


Under the aegis of Peter Stybelski, chief executive of the County Council, they aimed to make the strategic partnership the doorway to doing more together for the people of Cumbria. The trust shown by this group encouraged the adventure of Calling Cumbria and made it possible.

The Leadership Centre team formed to help them became known as the Cumbria Crew and worked over about eight months from February 2008 through four phases:

In parallel, the Leadership Centre supported the Cumbria Strategic Partnership and the Public Service Board to make their own way of working more effective so they were equipped to harness the opportunities which emerged from the inquiries and large group event.

Calling Cumbria was supported by analysis to quantify the public money going into the county and find out as far as possible what happened to it. Dubbed ‘Counting Cumbria’, it gave leaders in Cumbria the raw material to process with the new energy and focus online pharmacy viagra uk they created. This methodology has formed part of the counting methodology developed as part of Total Place.

Video: “Calling Cumbria”

Leaders from across Cumbria talk about their experiences of working in the Calling Cumbria programme.

For more details of our work in Cumbria, see the Calling and Counting Cumbria publications.

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