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Posted on February 26th, 2010


Organisations involved


The themes covered are:

Aspiration for the Total Place work

Total Place is about three things:
1. Efficiency savings
2. Putting citizens at the heart of better service delivery
3. Collaborative working

The Birmingham pilot involves:

  1. to design and deliver new services for people with learning disabilities
  2. to design and deliver services for people with mental health needs
  3. preventative approaches to tackling drug and alcohol abuse
  4. preventative approaches to tackling guns and gangs
  5. improve outcomes for young people leaving care
  6. Undertake a total community demonstrator project

What is Birmingham currently doing?

The objectives of the pilot are to measure the extent to which public sector budgets contribute to partnership priority outcomes as set out in the SCS and LAA that will:

Design and deliver new approaches to service delivery that will

Develop new collaborative ways of working across and between organisations that will

A detailed project delivery plan is available.

Specific milestones and outcomes are being prepared.

Birmingham’s final report is now available on the BeBirmingham website.


Michelle Carr, media enquiries

telephone: 0121 675 7819

Jackie Mould, Director Be Birmingham (LSP)

telephone : 0121 675 3499

Jason Lowther Director of Policy & Delivery Birmingham City Council.

telephone: 0121 303 4960

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