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Posted on November 13th, 2009

North East parallel places

On Tuesday 29th September the RIEP held an Efficiency Summit in Newcastle bringing together national and regional speakers on a range of efficiency-related issues, including Total Place.  It was an opportunity to showcase the best capital proposals, share the results of research and gather further ideas and feedback.


Mapping public spend.

Have asked for a local improvement advisor to support the Hartlepool Partnership in developing a methodology for quantifying public expenditure by geography and purpose.


Are working on mapping the spend by their LSP organisations with a view to quantifying the public spend in their areas and to assist in better alignment of spend to healthcare of canada pharmacy LAA and SCS priorities.

North Tyneside

Want to identify a service area to explore using Total Place.


Working collaboratively with key public sector partners to map spend across the city and seeking to identify opportunities for efficiency savings.

Newcastle has set up an LSP sub-group to steer the project.  All of the relevant public sector partners are key players on the LSP – PCT, Police, LSC, JobCentre Plus etc.  Newcastle is interested to access key Total Place policy documents and methodologies.  In return, they are willing to feed the learning from their activities into the Total Place pilots.

Redcar and Cleveland

Redcar and Cleveland have carried out an independent evaluation of their Area Based Grant including:

The piece of work concluded in September 2009. Work would then start to develop a new commissioning framework between partners for allocating resources in 2010/11 and beyond.


The IDeA has been approached by Scarborough Council to work up a proposal of support in the early autumn. Whilst rooted in the HCP, elements of the proposal would extend across other parts of the Strategy Division and beyond.  The proposal is seen by Scarborough colleagues as forming an incremental developmental journey for the Council and its partners, which could lead on to considerable transformational activity.

An initial event on 10th November looked at what a ‘whole area’ approach to public services would look like and discussed the potential to realise efficiency savings from greater collaboration across the public sector organisations.


Prior to the Total Place pilot, Stockton did some small-scale work when re-commissioning drug and alcohol services; linking the two together involved analysis of activity and analysis of spend.

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