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Posted on November 13th, 2009

London parallel places

The IDeA is leading on connecting the Total Place pilots with other Total Place-like work being carried out across the country.  They have collated information from across these ‘parallel places’

If you have something to add about taking place in your area, leave us a comment below, or join the Total Place Community of Practice, where this information is available as a wiki.

A Total Place-style audit has been commissioned by London Councils and the regional improvement and efficiency partnership Capital Ambition. £73.6bn of public funding is spent annually across the capital’s 33 boroughs.

Capital Ambition are supporting London authorities looking at:


Contact: Tim Cusack, , 020 8294 6182


New service design e.g. in health and social care transformation – the personalisation agenda is being furthered through the Health and Social Care Transformation Programme, with projects for self-directed support, modernising day care, modernising transport, redesigning assessment and care management and improving commissioning.

The approach to joint commissioning undertaken by the Children’s partnership and the Crime Prevention Strategy Group has also been supported by the new LAA.

Area Based Grant has been mapped against their LAA priorities and either pooled/shared or aligned for delivering the LAA.

A key driver underpinning the council’s improvement and efficiency programme is the move to their new Civic Centre on Arena Square in Wembley in 2013.   This will provide efficiency savings and improved working conditions for staff and underpin the one council philosophy with all departments on the same site.


Exploring Total Place opportunities in Camden with the support of the IDeA


Hackney are a Strategic Commissioning Beacon authority. More information on Hackney’s Strategic Commissioning projects can be viewed on their ‘Team Hackney’ website.


Harrow is utilising Total Place as one strand of its wider Transformation Programme, ‘Better Deal for Residents’

Contacts: Alex Dewsnap, Brendon Hills,

Please see below for Harrow’s ‘Better Deal for Residents’ presentation.


Havering have no specific plans for a Total Place-type ‘counting’ exercise but recognise that their own efficiencies and shared services agenda have moved on apace – with a longer term ambition to pooling relevant PCT / Adult social care budgets for a more integrated approach.

On wider shared service working,  Haveringare working on a customer relationship management IT system and a front office re-engineering proposal to provide information on the cost and types of service demand across the three areas that would lend itself to examining potential duplication, streamlining procurement, commissioning and economies of scale. This will be rolled out to include Waltham Forest and Barking and Dagenham.


Exploring Total Place opportunities in Lambeth, with support from the IDeA and Leadership Centre

Contact: Ian Jackson, Director, Lambeth First,

Holding a workshop on 27 November to develop a Workforce Development Strategy designed to promote a Total Place approach to public service delivery and strategy by:


The NHS Redbridge’s new Polyclinic is the first in London that provides a whole system approach – one stop shop – to the delivery of health care in the borough.  The Partnership actively shares facilities including co-location to promote joint working and the new Polyclinic also offers accommodation to the Voluntary Sector as part of the partnership arrangement within the RSP. In addition, some local voluntary sector organisations enjoy rental subsidy from the Council while the Redbridge Faith Forum is located within the Town Hall to support the community cohesion work of the council.

A Joint Anti Social Behaviour & Licensing Team established in March 2008 following a project derived from ongoing partnership working between Council and the Metropolitan Police Redbridge. This was the first time a combined service had been established for these areas.  The teams are located in Council offices and this initiative required the transfer of staff and establishment of shared data systems and protocols.

Tower Hamlets

Contact: Louise Russell, Service Head Strategy and Performance,

The Tower Hamlets Partnership (THP) is currently piloting a strategic commissioning approach in relation to the delivery of two key Community Plan outcomes:

Both these pilots are at the scoping and planning stage. Through them THP will map needs and existing funding; assess provision; consult and engage with the local community about expectations and what works, and develop a commissioning strategy, aiming to identify new ways of working and providing services where appropriate to maximise the impact from the resources invested.  The aim is to use the pilots to develop a standard partnership methodology and approach which is flexible enough to be applied to the achievement of other cross-cutting outcomes.

Shared Assets

The council, police and PCT have all expressed their interest in working better together to make use of local public assets. The council’s Asset and Capital Board has quarterly meetings which involve other public sector partners. The Board is currently considering how to develop a joint approach to public sector assets across the borough with the aim to move towards a partnership asset management action plan.

Shared Services

The partnership undertook some work last year to consider the potential for shared services in some key ‘corporate support’ areas including performance; equalities; communications; consultation and research and data. This identified some potential, but also barriers and pitfalls in terms of competing priorities; diverging national frameworks; ownership and accountability; and external developments such as NHS London plans impacting on the future of PCTs at a borough level. Nevertheless, areas where joint working could be improved were identified, particularly around joint research, data and consultation, and these have been taken forward in a number of cases”

The partnership is also looking at strategic commissioning pilot in relation to public realm outcomes later in the year following the outcome of a shared working pilot on the Berner estate.

Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest LSP has commissioned two pieces of work – both of which were submitted as bids to Capital Ambition for funding.

1)      To identify capacity and resource across the LSP and the potential opportunities that could be generated in realising them.  This includes the co-location of front line and back office activity; the coordination and management of resources and developing information systems to support decision making across the partnership.

2)      There will also be a mapping of facilities / resources on the borders of Waltham Forest that could be shared or utilised by other LSPs. The outcomes from the work would be a more efficient use of resources; increased VFM, improved customer satisfaction; redesigned integrated services, greater staff engagement and empowerment and a better customer view to drive continued service design and improvement.

Discussions are progressing between the Council and NHS Waltham Forest regarding an integration and eventual merger between the two organisations; to provide an integrated approach to health and social care whilst providing the opportunity to pool resources, drive out inefficiencies and re-align budgets. The initial focus is to develop a business model that can demonstrate that integration will result in better health and social care outcomes for the residents of Waltham Forest.  This will include looking at the approach taken by other local authorities who have followed this path and learning the benefits and limitations of each.  The aim will be to develop an integrated business model that can be used by other local authorities.


Prior to Total Place Westminster had already been doing work around spend mapping and place-based service redesign. Westminster has also been undertaking a project to map public finance in the City. The spend of key partners has been mapped. This work has identified areas where funding for public services can be brought together, to improve services for residents and to give better value for money. A series of options have been developed where greater collaboration will be explored. There are a number of projects underway with the potential for major service improvement and organisational streamlining. They involve rethinking both front-line and support services to significantly increase collaboration between partners.

Delivery is supported by the use of the LAA Partnership Fund, made up of LAA grant rolled forward, transitional Working Neighbourhoods funding, the Neighbourhood element of Safer and Stronger Communities Fund and anticipated Performance Reward Grant. The LAA Partnership Fund pools funding buy female viagra canada viagra streams from government and this money is used to commission across networks and LAA Improvement Priorities. The PCT contributes a significant amount of funding to LAA delivery projects and funds have been pooled between the Council and the Police to act quickly on issues such as knife crime. There are also early proposals in place to align budgets with JobCentre Plus through the Westminster Works board. This groundbreaking work could be further progressed using the Sustainable Communities Act.

The Westminster Works Programme is a training and employment service targeting out of work residents in areas with the highest concentration of benefit claimants. To successfully deliver Westminster Works, a new Board has been set up to secure and manage all  funding; direct, commission and co-ordinate services; share information and monitor performance against targets.  The Board will provide more effective commissioning and accountability on a cross-cutting agenda, including Westminster’s City Recovery Programme, child poverty and housing.  It comprises senior commissioners from the Council, LSC, JCP and NHS Westminster. The Westminster Works Board commissions projects using the LAA Partnership Fund. Initial projects include job-brokerage schemes and advice services to recently unemployed residents.

There is also a statement of intent between the Chief Executives of the Council and PCT on working towards unified public services and joint commissioning

Public financial mapping of services in Westminster has been completed at ward-based level as an overview.  The intention is to feed the findings into the Unified Public Services (UPS) and gain better ideas on how services can join up, for instance with regard to back room efficiencies.

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