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Posted on November 13th, 2009

East Midlands parallel places

The IDeA is leading on connecting the Total Place pilots with other Total Place-like work being carried out across the country.  They have collated information from across these ‘parallel places’

If you have something to add about taking place in your area, leave us a comment below, or join the Total Place Community of Practice, where this information is available as a wiki.

The Government Office is promoting this agenda in the East Midlands and is working with the RIEP at a regional and sub-regional level. The progress on Total Place pilots nationally and with reference to the pilot in Leicester and Leicestershire was discussed at the ‘strengthening local democracy’ event recently and a regional event is planned in conjunction with the RIEP later in the year to promote the findings to a wider audience.


Derbyshire are considering doing some Total Place work on alcohol, which is one of their priorities and will also tie in with Leicester and Leicestershire.

North East Lincolnshire

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for North East Lincolnshire is very keen to identify and understand the levels of investment made by partners into the area. They have agreed that finance officers from each of the local public organisations should come together to map out spend levels as a starting point.  Following identifying the investment, the LSP would like to understand where the monies are spent to drive improved outcomes for local people in line with the Sustainable Community Strategy and finally to discuss where resources might be used to better effect in the future.

North Lincolnshire

Are working on mapping the spend by their LSP organisations with a view to quantifying the public spend in their areas and to assist in better alignment of spend to LAA and SCS priorities.


An update on the Total Place pilot in Leicester and Leicestershire was presented at Lincolnshire Day on 10th September.  It seemed to go down well and colleagues could see some commonality with some work they are already doing and could be built on.  They announced that they are interested in the concept and have prepared a paper for the SCS Strategy Board which will be based on Total Place approach.

They are interested in leadership and partnership working, which they feel they are already progressing on through their Pathfinder status.  However they are also keen to look at what budgets are coming in to Lincolnshire and will be pursuing this.


They are looking at all partnership funding with a view to reducing spending by 40%.  The sub regional RIEP partnership have redirected £500,000 looking at six themes on transforming public services. This was agreed in principle by the regional member board.

Nottingham City

Early thinking suggests that they may be interested in looking at the services provided to adults with learning disabilities.


Nottingham is considering whether it wishes to scope a methodology for a resource mapping programme in Nottingham that would position the City to take full advantage of further developments in the OEP. how can i get viagra overnight They are concerned about the resources potentially needed to undertake resource mapping and any programme of activities.


Project not formally considered Total Place but the LSP is working on the County Budget to include funding / spend from all agencies. This work will be used to ensure spend is aligned with priorities and where possible aligned in such a way as to maximise outcomes.  Still very early days. No key themes identified for deep dive.  In their LSP Development Plan, they have activity around developing a ‘county budget’, mapping the resources from all agencies to be done by 31 December.

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