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Total Place in the news: April

Posted on May 10th, 2010

Total Place in the news: April

Links to what people have being saying about Total Place in April 2010.

Julia Goldsworthy: we’re too centralisedLib Dem Voice, 01 April 2010

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Free to spend: big savings there for the taking as Treasury backs the idea of a single capital potTransport Xtra, 01 Buy cialis usa April 2010

Councils draw up plans for massive cutsCoventry Telegraph, 06 April 2010

Budget blow for renewal, 07 April 2010

What will politicians need to do to please public managers?Guardian, 07 April 2010

Three posts on Total PlaceeDemocracy blog, 04 April 2010

Raise benefits to beat exclusion, says committee, 08 April 2010

Re-train to tame the elephant?LGA Culture blog, 08 April 2010

Why LSPs are core to Total PlaceMJ, 08 April 2010

Give us clarity on your social enterprise promises – CEOs tell political partiesSocial Enterprise, 08 April 2010

Is Total Place the best idea to come out of central government in years?MJ, 08 April 2010

The race to better servicesMJ, 08 April 2010

Neets must get benefit support, say MPsTimes Educational Supplement, 09 April 2010

PPP journal forewordJohn Carleton, Local Partnerships, April 2010

So what do parties offer for local democracy?MJ, 13 April 2010

Are unitary counties the new blueprint?MJ, 13 April 2010

More Tories and Admiralty HouseBubb’s Blog, 14 April 2010

‘Offensive’ urges candidates to back localismLGC, 15 April 2010

Q&A how can I save using Total Place?Public Property UK, 15 April 2010

Kent to split its public property four waysPublic Property UK, 15 April 2010

Consultant sees councils joining forces for the difficult journey aheadTransportXtra, 16 April 2010

Focus on Total Placefirstonline, 17 April 2010

Total Place: a tantalising truthGuardian Public, 20 April 2010

Plugged in – Abdool Kara in the MJ, 20 April 2010

No mention of devolution in manifestosThe Scotsman, 20 April 2010

Treasury hints at more Social Impact Bond trialsCivil Society, 20 April 2010

New Adass president says services must change as cuts biteCommunityCare, 22 April 2010

The public sector doing things differentlyPublic Service, 22 April 2010

Whatever happened to the Big Society?House of Twits, 22 April 2010

Total PlaceSustainable Neighbourhoods Action Group, 23 April 2010

Collective Leadership in a Complex WorldTransforming Management, 26 April 2010

Be Birmingham Leadership for Change programme announcedBe Birmingham, 26 April 2010

Birmingham approves shared services hubPublic Property UK, 26 April 2010

Sector role in Total PlaceNAVCA, 27 April 2010

Buying the promises?Supply Management, 27 April 2010

Three new coats of constitutional paintYork Politics Department, 27 April 2010

Total Place – the future of public sector spending?Public Sector Travel, 28 April 2010

Are peer reviews by area the future?Mike Burton’s blog, 28 April 2010

Leading questions – John Tizard in Public Finance, 27 April 2010

The future of local organisational structuresJonathon Flowers’ blog, 28 April 2010

Government efficiencies through good information managementEye Tea blog, 28 April 2010

Better customer insight helps to cut costsPublic.Net, 29 April 2010

My savings are greater than yours – Rod Aldridge in the MJ, 30 April 2010

Planners urged to take Total Place forwardPlanning Resource, 30 April 2010

Local collaboration ‘key to £25bn efficiency savings’MJ, 30 April 2010

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