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Total Place fortnightly updates: May

Posted on June 2nd, 2010

Total Place fortnightly updates: May

An archive of the Leadership Centre’s fortnightly Total Place updates for May 2010.

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Fortnightly update 44: highlights

Fortnightly update 43: highlights

Total Place fortnightly update 44: 19 May 2010

Total Place Summit: 25th & 26th May 2010

Thanks to everyone who have confirmed they’re attending the Summit next week.  Please find attached an up to date agenda.  There is still time to register for the event so if you’d like to come along, please get in touch with John Jarvis on or 0207 187 7385

We’d be really interested in getting some of your customer stories to display on a rolling screen at the Summit.  The stories that talk about the changes in how you are working that result in savings would be best and most easily replicated on the screen.  We’ve done a very basic version attached to get you started.  If you’d like to contribute a story, please email me at

We’re very much looking forward to seeing you there.

Communities and Local Government Ministerial Team

The new Communities and Local Government Ministerial team was announced earlier this week. Appointments are as follows:

For a breakdown of the policy areas they will be responsible for and biographies, please visit

For a handy downloadable guide to the new coalition cabinet and departmental appointments, please visit

Criminal Justice research: University of Portsmouth

I have been contacted by Sindy Soori, a senior researcher at the Institute for Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth, who is pulling together research on Total Place, particularly looking at the offender management strands.  Sindy’s research question is: Is the Total Place initiative a fad, friend, or foe in improving local offender management services? The aims of this project are to critically evaluate whether the Total Place initiative has improved service delivery and working practices in the management of offenders; and discover based on the findings of the research whether it offers realistic reform in public service delivery strategy to improve criminal justice practice in offender management.

There are two ways that research is being collected. One is through the formation of in-depth case studies on Bradford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton and Lewisham pilots based on the final Total Place reports, interviews and local statistics.  Secondly, through an online 2 minute survey which Sindy has asked me to forward to colleagues working on Total Place – please see link for the survey  She will be sharing all data with us upon completion in mid September.  If you’d like to be involved, please click on the link and complete the survey.  If you’d like to contact Sindy, her number is 07776 426849.

LGA group annual conference: Total Place a key theme

The Local Government Association Group annual conference and exhibition will bring together approximately 2,000 of the leading players in councils, central government, partners and business from the 6th to 8th July at the Bournemouth International Centre.  This year’s conference is split into three themed days and has been built around themes that the LGA group feel are key for member authorities and the sector:

Plenary, workshops and fringes sessions will relate to the day’s theme and will provide delegates with an opportunity to map their time at the conference more effectively.  For more information about the conference, please contact or visit

Total Place in the news

Press interest in Total Place continues to grow.  Here are a collection of some recent articles from the Birmingham Post to the Glasgow Evening Times:

Cuts with a futureLGC, 04 May 2010

Bigging it up for public servants Public Finance, 04 May 2010

Bichard to stand down from Institute for GovernmentPublic Finance, 05 May 2010

London Councils take a Total Place approachPublic Net, 05 May 2010

Councils warned they must raise their game in workforce developmentPublic Net, 06 May 2010

Now is the time to redress the balanceMJ, 06 May 2010

Kent’s online gateway to shared servicesPublic Service, 06 May 2010

Election day, and we need radical ideasEstates Gazette, 06 May 2010

Jerry Blackett: prepare for big cut-backsBirmingham Post, 07 May 2010

Public services braced for transformational change Public Net, 10 May 2010

For more Total Place related articles from the past few months, please visit the news section of the website at

Be Birmingham & Common Purpose: Leadership for Change programme

Aimed at managers, practitioners and other staff across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors in Birmingham who want to help lead the cultural and behavioural change needed to make Total Place a reality, Be Birmingham is working with Common Purpose, a not-for-profit organisation with over 20 years’ leadership experience, to develop a collaborative leadership programme, Leadership for Change.

This innovative, interactive programme, based on real life situations and real people, will focus on the benefits of leading through collaboration while recognising the challenges and difficulties that this presents.  Participants will take part in a wide range of activities, including visiting different organisations in the city, working alongside senior leaders and investigating different ways of leading change where they don’t have formal authority over decisions and resources.

Further information will be available in the next couple of months but in the meantime, please visit

Total Place community of practice

Our community of practice now has nearly 1000 members with new people joining every day.  Thanks to all those who contribute regularly (and not-so regularly) to keep this such a lively interactive forum.

Total Place fortnightly update 43: 04 May 2010

‘Total Place’ after the Election

National Event for Leading Members: 21st May 2010 Central Hall, Westminster

Total Place has the potential to bring about the most profound reshaping of central and local government in decades. This is a vital matter on which elected members need to take leadership.

After the election and the conclusion of the initial pilots we will be entering a new phase of this initiative.  The Bradford and Kent pilots are jointly hosting a free event for leading members at Central Hall in Westminster starting at 9:30 am.

This is a unique opportunity for Leaders across the country to come together to share thoughts on this and shape the way forward.  Delegates will also hear from leading figures in national and local government who will be setting out their thoughts on the next phase.

Members from across the Total Place pilots, parallel places and other areas interested in this type of work will have an opportunity to hear feedback from the final reports and what we have learned, particularly about the blockages.  Political change is an important part of the equation as solutions cannot always be delivered through ‘managerial action’. Political backing is therefore essential in taking this initiative forward.

Keynote speakers are Lord Bichard, Cllr David Parsons (Leader of Leicestershire CC), Helen Bailey (HMT), Dr Andrew Larner (IESE) and contributors include Cllr Merrick Cockell (Chairman of London Councils), Cllr Paul Carter (Leader of Kent CC), Cllr Roger Phillips (Herefordshire CC) and Jess Crowe (Director, Centre for Public Scrutiny).

A plan of the day is attached and for further information, please contact John Jarvis on 0207 187 7385

Institute for Public Policy Research: Total Neighbourhoods

This ippr North project will explore the extent to which the ‘Total Place’ methodology adopted by a growing number of local authorities can be applied at the neighbourhood level.  However, as well as considering the public sector investment in an area, the project will attempt to map different community assets and social capital as well.  It will take the form of a peer learning network of interested local authorities and their partners.

If you would like to know more about this project or to discuss funding or partnership opportunities, please contact Ed Cox 0191 233 9050.

Scaling up Large System Change with Dr Monica Sharma

One of the Leadership Centre’s key roles is sharing learning and experiences of systemic change work.  We are therefore very pleased to invite you to the ‘Scaling up Large System Change’ masterclass to be presented by Dr. Monica Sharma in London in collaboration with Aenas KTC. The class offers colleagues an opportunity to explore whole-system change and gain practical experience from working with a renowned international practitioner and is particularly relevant as we begin to broaden our Total Place approach further across the public sector

Monica is a thought leader and transformational change practitioner. She was until a few weeks ago Director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the UN

The key themes of the masterclass will be:

We are particularly looking forward to working on how scaling up systemic change affects the role of councillors and the way in which public services support and work with citizens. As the public sector moves into a period of fiscal restraint and focuses anew on the importance of keeping citizens at the heart of public service, leaders at all levels need to be able to work effectively with change.

Through our partnership with Aeneas KTC, we are able to offer you a discounted rate of £355 per delegate. To book your place, please email quoting REFLCMS1.

If you have any questions about the masterclass itself, please contact Holly Wheeler, Head of learning at the Leadership Centre, at

Total Place community of practice

A new poll has been published on the Total Place CoP.

Poll question: As we approach next week’s local and general elections, how confident are you that a Total Place/whole-area way of working will be supported by a new Government?
Poll options: Very confident – it doesn’t matter which party holds power
Confident – there seems to be widespread support at the moment
Not sure – I’ll wait and see who wins
Not at all confident – I don’t think it will be supported
Don’t know
Click here to vote for this poll:

Also on the CoP, David Leslie (CLG) has started a thread welcoming your comments, suggestions and insight on what should be considered to take forward the next phase of Total Place.  You can get involved at

Visit to join the CoP – now at over 900 members!

Designing a fit for the future organisation, Birmingham, 19 May 2010

“Cutting costs while preserving pivotal front line services is motivating many councils and their partners to redesign their organisations.  Yet some 70 per cent of change initiatives fail to deliver their objectives”.  This one-day seminar in Birmingham is designed to help you discover how to avoid the pitfalls, find out what makes a successful redesign and learn how to create a leaner, outcome-focused organisation.

For a flyer including the programme and booking details attached please go to the IDeA website:

Final Total Place online update tool headlines

Thanks to all those who completed the final monthly online update at the end of March.  The questions focused on what the experience of writing the final report was like, what had changed since it was submitted, and what is important to ensure that this work continues in localities.  Headline messages were:

LGA election internet resource

“The second leaders’ debate reinforced what we all know – that this General Election is the most unpredictable in many years.  At the LGA Group, we are planning for all possible outcomes to ensure we remain the most effective voice for you, whatever the voters decide on 6 May”.

The LGA group want councils and councillors to have the best analysis of both the national and local campaigns and results, and have created an exclusive Election internet resource – including weekly General Election updates, and links to information about local polls during the campaign.  It will be updated throughout the rest of the campaign and will provide speedy analysis when the results come in.  Click on the link or visit for more information.

Total Place website: now mobile browser compatible

The Total Place website is now fully iPhone aware.  It also supports other webkit based mobile browsers, so it will work with Palm Pre, Android (google phones) and the blackberry storm.  If you navigate to the Total Place website it will automatically detect the browser and device being used and display the webpage appropriately.

Total Place Summit: 25th & 26th May 2010

Thanks to those places who have responded positively to hosting a stall in the marketplace.  If you haven’t taken part in part in one before the idea is that places are each given a space where they can share the story of their work through displays, conversation and fun activities like voting, match the stories, map the pathways or whatever is most relevant to your work.  Be as creative as you want to be.

If you would like to host a marketplace space or a conversation, please get in touch with John Jarvis on

We’d also be really interested to know if places have had success in working with local businesses as part of their Total Place pilot.  The Leadership Centre is going to be making a film with Worcestershire about the public-private sector relationship so if you would like to be involved, please do get in touch with me at

Lastly, the Leadership Centre wishes candidates well for the local and general election on Thursday.  We look forward to seeing what the result means for local government and Total Place.

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