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Posted on August 18th, 2009


The “counting” element will be undertaken in two stages:

Communities and Local Government have commissioned Tribal to support pilots in this work.  They will work within the ‘high-level counting’ and ‘deep dive’ frameworks bypulling together the work done by the pilots to develop a coherent national perspective.

They will review the high-level counting to develop a ‘top-down’ view from the Central Government perspective of how spending flows through the system, combined with a review of the bottom-up approaches delivered by the pilots; this will contribute to the tracking of spend against outcomes and provide a framework and route map which can be used by other local authorities showing how to conduct such analysis.

As part of the deep dive work, Tribal will develop a framework that can be replicated in the public sector to drive future efficiencies, innovation and service improvement by working with a sample of the pilots to understand and build on their local methodologies.

The counting methodology

A counting methodology has been developed in consultation with experts and practitioners who have conducted similar work in the past, as well as colleagues from some of the pilot areas that have started this work. The following principles have guided its development:

For more information on the counting process or to share your experience of similar work, please visit the Total Place Community of Practice – new members will need to register.

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