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Juanita Brown

The ethos of World Café is that conversation is the process that drives life.
World Café is a way of conducting large group discussions in a way that develops
connection, empowers thought and shares ideas collaboratively so that they
grow into solutions.

Designing a World Café


– Consider your purpose
– Create a hospitable space
– Explore questions that matter
– Encourage contribution
– Connect diversity
– Encourage sharing
– Harvest the conversations

Running a World Café


– Three rounds of conversation
– Seat 4-5 people at each table
– Each table has a host
– Run conversations for 20-30 minutes
– Switch tables (everyone moves to a new table, except the host)
– Summaries from the host
– Whole group discussion

Further Resources

Below you can watch a short video from Berrett-Koehler exploring the World Café approach with Juanita Brown and David Isaacs. To find out more about World Café, take a look at relevant resources and books and latest research, visit

World Café

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