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Otto Scharmer


According to Scharmer there are different stages of economic development, from
the Neolithic systems of 0.0 through to what he believes Western economies
should be, Society 4.0. He claims that the economic system is beginning to
emerge into system 4.0, but that its ways of thinking and doing and being are still
stuck in the paradigms of 3.0 capitalist society and ego practices of society 2.0. It
has become disconnected in three ways:

The ecological divide: Disconnection between self and nature
The social divide: Disconnection between self and others
The spiritual divide: Disconnection of self from self

Scharmer says that the system is stuck and is failing to deal with the roots of its
problems. It fails to realise there is more going on beneath the surface.
This is The Iceberg Model.



He believes that crisis can be an opportunity for change, not only through
reacting change in externalities and also through changing consciousness, by
changing paradigms of thought. This can be achieved through the processes of
open mind, open hearts and open will.

Further Resources

Speaking at the Presencing Global Forum in 2012, Otto Scharmer talks about Society 4.0. Courtesy of Presencing Institute.


Society 4.0 – from ego-system to eco-system

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