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Marshall Ganz


A social movement is a reaction against injustice that draws people together, that
empowers action for change. The practice brings together a suite of approaches
and leadership practices that are designed to mobilise and organise people
towards achieving a common purpose.


Applying authority through appealing to common sentiments of injustice and
balancing the drivers of hope and despair.



Developing relationships that link people together through shared values,
understanding, hope, ideas and trust.



Using the power of stories to inspire action. This is done through using Public
Narrative. Public Narrative tells The Story of Self, The Story of Us and The Story
of Now.


Using the power of existing skills and knowledge. Adapting to changing
circumstance and knowing when is the right time to take action.



Ganz believes that action occurs when through creating a ‘commitment culture’.
This is achieved through motivating people to care, and by having clear, specific
and achievable goals.

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