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Mark Friedman

RBA is an approach that as well as considering efficiency and processes also
considers the results that a service achieves. It is a way to develop shared

According to RBA there are two different types of accountability:
Population Accountability: Accountability to the community by the community.
Performance Accountability: Accountability by managers to customers.

How RBA works


Ends to means

RBA considers the strategies that are needed and the things that
must be done to get what is wanted.

Turning the curve

This is the core feature of RBA. This is about breaking previous patterns of
behaviour. The first step is creating a baseline that shows the path from present
to future. It then asks places if they are going to get to the future they want if
they carry on following the same path. It shows how things will turn out if they
carry on as they currently are, and in this ways creates accountability for change
by turning the curve away from that base line.

Programme performance measures



Further Resources

Mark Friedman takes a short look at his approach on Results Based Accountability in the video below:

Results Based Accountability

Connected themes

Connected theories


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