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Mark Moore


Moore developed the Public Value Framework to help organisations understand
the systems in which they operate. To understand how they are supported and
constrained by the demands placed upon them and how they can balance these
with the need to provide a service that has outcomes that are considered ‘valuable’
by the public.

The Strategic Triangle


Operational capability: What is the organisation capable of? And then improving
operational capacity in order to achieve the goals.

Authorising environment: The sources of external support that have the power to say
‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Demand for public value: Being transparent in purpose and making sure that
actions meet public demand and can be considered as ‘good value’.

Moore – Public value strategic triangle



Further Resources

For more information on the Public Value approach, read this paper by
Prof. Mark Moore & Prof. Sanjeev Khagram of Harvard University.

Public Value

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