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Phil Driver


Driver developed the concept of Open Strategy to enable organisations to assess
their existing strategies and develop new ones. It follows the principles of
Mintzberg who said that strategies should plan what needs to be done. The PRUB
model is the core of Open Strategy.

According to Driver organisations need to create strategies that work with the
reasons for their existence: They exist to provide a service, that in turn achieves
results, that then changes something.

Projects produce Results and enables people to Use them to create Benefits

Every strategic idea can follow this principle and will be made up of multiple
PRUBs that all link together.


Example of PRUB



Validation and wasteful results


However, creating strategies isn’t enough. Those strategies have also got to be
proven to be valid. Organisations should only run projects if PRUB demonstrates
that there will be valid use. Those projects that cannot be proved useful are
orphaned results and should be abandoned or adopted by someone else.

Open Strategy – PRUB

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