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Mindfulness is a core feature of the practice of Buddhism. The practice of
Buddhist meditation is focused around developing mindfulness through training the mind to be
present in the moment. It has become an increasingly common practice in Western Culture
as way of reconnecting ourselves with the world.

Practicing Mindfulness


The key concept is awareness of ourselves in the present moment and
understanding how we impact on the world around us though our bodies,
thoughts, feelings and actions.


Mindfulness and Leadership


Mindfulness is a useful tool for seeing beneath the surface to what’s really going on.
It is a way of seeing, feeling and connecting with others. It is about being present
without being self-involved.

Core Features


Questioning Categorisation: We, (without knowing) categorise the world. This limits
our perception and understanding. Questioning categorisation makes us pay attention
to what we are really experiencing.

Openess: Step away from doing things the same old way. It blinds possibility
and deafens doubt. Accept not knowing and be open to new ways.

See Others: Hear, feel and see others’ voices and feelings. They are just as valid
as yours and may add something unexpected.


Connected themes

Connected theories


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