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Myron Rogers


Living Systems developed by Myron Rogers is a way of addressing the questions:

How do systems work? 
How does this system work?
How do I work in and with this system?

Living systems suggests that organisations are living, complex and dynamic
systems, made up of many networks within networks. And provides a
framework as a way of understanding them.


Identity is how a system defines and understands itself. Change has to cause
a ‘meaningful disturbance’. But can only be meaningful if it supports the system’s



Relationships are the connections within the networks of a system that spread
information through stories. Change needs stories, and so it needs to also
develop and support relationships in systems.



The living system needs information to survive and grow. It decides which
information is valuable to its evolution and which information is a threat and
therefore must be destroyed.

John Atkinson of the Phillips Kay Partnership, and co-author of ‘The Art of Change Making’, talks about Living Systems at the ‘Systems Leadership Steering Group: 3 years on’ event in December 2015.

Living Systems

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