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Ingram and Luft


The window is a visual way of representing a person’s or group’s characteristic.
It is used a tool for self-development. The window represents four areas of personal
awareness and each area can change. The aim is to increase the size of the ‘open pane’
through reducing the size of the other three areas.


The open pane

All the things that are known by the person and that are visible to the world. It is
considered the most important pane because it is a place of integrity and


The hidden pane

The things known by the person but not shared with the world. Through
disclosure (sharing self safely) the size of this pane can shrink.


The blind pane

The things the world sees and knows about a person but are unknown by the
person themselves. Through feedback people begin to know themselves more.


The unknown pane

The things the person is unaware of and that the world doesn’t know too. The
undiscovered truths. Experiencing new situations will shrink this pane.

Further Resources

In this short video, MindsTools look at see how the Johari Window works, and how you can use it with your team to improve communication and trust.

Johari Window

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