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Bill Isaacs


Isaacs’ Dialogue Model is rooted in the belief that for true creativity to take place
the organisation need to rethink the ways in which they communicate with
themselves, through deliberately engaging in dialogue.

Creating a Safe Container


A safe container has to be created to enable open dialogue. Creating a safe
container for dialogue has four stages:


1. Instability of the container
2. Instability in the container
3. Inquiry in the container
4. Creativity in container

Not knowing


Admitting you do not know. You do not know what the problem is or the


Letting Go


Letting go of noisy voices- the conflicting voices that tell us how and what things should be.


It begins with you! But it’s about everyone else too!


Each person needs to see themselves as part of the collective voice. Being a
collective entity with a collective identity.


Engaging in Dialogue


Engaging in dialogue needs the skills of listening, respecting, suspending and voicing.

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