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Peter Block


Block argues that in order for successful change to happen, two interconnected processes have to occur:
The cause of the problem has to be addressed and communities need to take ownership not only of the problem,
but also for the ideas and actions for change. Change has to come from within. Block also suggests
that the community fragmentation is the cause of many problems in communities. This fragmentation exists because
while people live in close physical vicinity to each other, they are in fact living isolated lives. Block suggests
that change can only happen when a community begins to come together and feel a sense of interdependence
and interconnectiveness to each other.

Conversations change the world


Block believes that change in communities begins with conversation. These
conversations need to be positive conversations for change. Rather than blame
and passivity, conversations need to be about action and making change happen
from within. Conversations need to create accountability, not expectation of
rescue. And they need to be about self-responsibility, rather than resignation to fate.

Creating the future one room at a time


Block recognises that a community is a vast space and that change won’t happen
everywhere all at once. But changing the thoughts and actions of one group in
one room has the power to spread change throughout communities.


Further Resources

For more information about Community, read the paper below by Peter Block.


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