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Joe Simpson


Building capital is concerned with how places can develop and grow ‘place’
whilst meeting the individual needs of that place, and also maintaining its identity
and the values of the people who live and work there.

Simpson argues that in order to be successful places work to strengthen and add value
to the ‘blocks’ of public capital. All of the blocks are interrelated and the shape of the
blocks is unique to every place.


Human Capital

Developing the skills and knowledge of the population to match the local ‘skills’ demand,
and what the area may need in the future.


Physical Capital

Thinking long term rather than just the immediate here and now, places need to work
with other agencies in developing infrastructure.


Social Capital

This is concerned with the ‘sense of community’ and the social behaviour that
exists in a place.

Culture Capital

The quality of life, or ‘the feel good’ factor. This draws in business and people.


Environmental Capital

Developing ways of being that are kinder to the environment and that improve
the experience of physically being there. Developing pride in place.


Future Capital

What happens now develops the legacies of the future. So places should be
looking forwards and asking how what they do now can meet the needs the demands of the future.

Joe Simpson, Director of the Leadership Centre, explores ‘Building Capital’
in the publication ‘The Politics of Place’ which you can read here.

Building Capital

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