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A technique adapted from The British Army. Appreciation process is a problem solving technique.
It recognises that all problems have hidden information and hidden possibilities.
It is particularly useful for helping understanding complex problems.

The Process


Define the problem or aim. Ask:

– What is the problem?
– Why is it a problem?
– When does it need to be solved by?
– Who needs to be involved?


Explore all the factors that could influence the outcome of the problem or aim.
This will help you to find out what each thing really means to the problem; is
it something that has real impact? Or something that has little consequence?
Factors can include time, cost, resources, materials, motivation and morale.
List all the things that can influence the outcome and then explore every factor
by repeatedly asking the question; so what?


– Choose at least three possible causes of action. Ask;

– What are all the pros and cons to each option?

– How does each make you feel?

– Which options could we try? Why?

– Which are we going to discard? Why?


Now what are we going to do? List the things
that you are going to do in detail, ask more questions of each thing until
there are no more possible answers. Make sure everyone knows ‘who will do
what, to whom, when’.

Appreciation Process

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