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Iowa State University by Rogers et al.

A model to help understand responses to innovation and change.

The original theory developed by Iowa State University with Rogers et al.
in 1957 was used to explain the diffusion or adoption of new products in the farming community.

The Innovation ‘Groups’

Innovators: The first. Curious and willing to experiment.

Early Adopters: Intrigued by how new ideas and products may be helpful.

Early Majority: Like new ideas, but want to know for definite that something is going to be useful.

Late Majority: Afraid of risk and doubtful of their own ability to use new ideas. They want ‘finished’ proven ideas.

Laggards: Resilient to any change. Only change when they have to.

Bell Curve

The Bell Curve is a graphical representation of the adoption rate of new products or ideas.
It shows a ‘top out’ point and then a slow down of adoption.



Further Resources

Want to know more about Adoption Curves? This useful video from Rare takes a look at the different groups and why they adopt approaches when they do.

Adoption Curves

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